August 15, 2008

I have MS.  Multiple sclerosis.  Or maybe I just have one sclerose, because I feel pretty good.  You may have heard the tagline “the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis.”   That sounds horrible!   Thankfully for now, I have my own less-devastating, more ridiculous kind of MS.  And I am glad to be the bearer-of-good-news regarding other “options” for an MS experience.

While certainly not devastation, what having this diagnosis of a chronic disease has meant for me is a ludicrous number of doctor visits, tests, clinical trials and medications.  Ludicrous, because, again, I do feel ok.   And also because much of it I have brought on voluntarily, in doing my best to stay feeling well.tongues2

Thirteen years into my diagnosis now, and after millions of crazy situations,
I find that the one thing I have become an expert at is laughing at my own predicaments.

So Magritte style: “Ceci n’est pas une blog.”  I am using the “pages” here to post my “chapters,”  as I meander my way towards … maybe a book, maybe just a bigger non-blog.